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I have a Masters in Transpersonal Psychotherapy from CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psycotherapy Education) and I specialise in child, adolescent and family therapy.

I support couples with consultations in pre conception care and infertility, Pregnancy counselling, assisting with Post-Natal depression and Menopause. I provide ongoing holistic guidance through times of change and the cycles of woman's life.

I offer the following therapies:

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Counselling

Detox & Life style consultations

Infertility Consultations, pre-conception care


Welcome to the Blue Lotus Website I would like to introduce you to my website. I am based in Bermuda and work online offering Skype and phone sessions

My work as a therapist is focused on providing support and healing that empowers others and enables them to cope with the day to day challenges of modern life. As a specialist in Holistic Health & Well being, I offer online therapeutic modalities to assist people in coping with all different kinds of life situations.

I provide a safe, non judgemental therapeutic approach to counselling and psychotherapy. I have a lot of experience in helping treat all different kinds of life issues, depression, bereavement, work stresses, relationship problems, breakups,  and family issues to name a few.

I offer online Psychotherapy and Counselling sessions and am accredited with Online-Therapy.com

Pregnancy Counselling & Post Natal Support


Soul Healing & Ancestral Healing


Reiki Healing and Reiki Attunements


Counselling Children and Parents in School


House Clearing and Spirit Release with onsite consultation


Know Thy Self . A Transpersonal course that teaches Spiritual Practices that help the individual overcome challenges and sabotaging behaviours.


I am a qualified member of UKCP; Council for Psychotherapy, www.ukcp.org.uk

and IPTI; Independent Professional Therapists, www.iptiuk.com

Introducing my Meditation CD

'Invocation to Brighde

Beautifully composed Shamanic Meditations that will sooth your soul and uplift your heart. These journeys will take you to the depths of your being and transform you with the wonderful healing energies of the Celtic Goddess Brighde and her powerful animals.

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