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I have a Masters in Transpersonal Psychotherapy from CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psycotherapy Education in London UK) and I specialise in child, adolescent and family therapy.


A child and adolescent psychotherapist is a qualified mental health provider who has specialized training and works with children and adolescents.  Child psychotherapists are trained at a Master’s level. I have trained in diverse treatment modalities in child development, child stages, child adjustment issues, parenting issues as well as normal and abnormal child psychology.

My approach varies from psychodynamic, gestalt, child centred, cognative-behavioural. I work with a combination of approaches dependent on the characteristics of the child and problem I am working with. I have had extensive training and experience in play therapy. I believe I have that special gift of genuinely caring that children seem to naturally sense.

I have experience with working with children with learning disabilities and special needs, ADHD, ASD, ODD, Developmental Delays, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, history of Abuse. I also treat a variety of normal adjustment issues such as dealing with anxiety, change, a new sibling, loss of a family member, fears, nightmares, peer difficulties, social skills problems, school avoidance or school performance, sibling rivalry, anger issues, emotional problems, self-esteem, low confidence issues or relationship difficulties, parent-child issues and adolescent conflict.



Child Centred Play Therapy


Therapy utilizes the child’s natural form of communication and is effective with children who demonstrate the social and behavioural characteristics that indicate a potential for future high risk behaviour (Barrett, 1975; Brandt, 1999; Dogra & Veeraraghavan, 1994). Child Centred Play Therapy is effective in improving the social/emotional health of students. It can serve as an adjunct to the learning environment by helping children maximize their school experience, and demonstrate that early identification and intervention is effective toward addressing social/emotional concerns in the classroom. Children who are involved in Child Centred Play Therapy will make more progress with

social/emotional growth in the classroom as it aids their development.


The therapy sessions would be appropriate for children and adolescents who experience some developmental difficulties for which they would benefit from one to one attention. In the one to one session I would be able to support the child in their development needs and focus on building their self esteem, confidence, resilience and social skills. The sessions can help to increase insight for children who are experiencing challenges.


Benefits for the Children


A lot of research has been done to emphasis the importance of play in a child’s cognitive, social, and academic development. In a study on preschoolers, Saltz found that physical enactment of fantasy experiences had a sizable effect on cognitive development and impulse control. Gmitrova and Gmitrov used a play intervention method in various small mixed age groups that was found to be effective in enhancing the development of social and cognitive abilities. They found that children thought more, learned more, remembered more, spent more time on task, and were more productive in well implemented cooperative groups than in directive, competitive structures. Long term benefits of play therapy for children has shown they have better relationships with their peers and are more helpful in care taking and problem solving situations. This results in a significant increase in cognitive functioning. Prosocial and creative play has also been found to improve verbal intelligence, ability to form concepts or define words, and help develop the capacity for verbal associative thinking (Garaigordobil Landazabal, 2005).


Play is valuable in that it allows the child to discharge energy, act aggressively in socially

acceptable ways, learn to get along with others, achieve difficult goals, relieve frustrations, and prepare for the duties of life (Landreth, 2002a). Symbolic play allows the child to change experiences that seem unmanageable in reality into manageable situations. This provides a sense of control and security. I am able to help the child develop better coping mechanisms for when they experience stressful situations. Through engagement in self directed exploration, symbolic play provides the child with an opportunity to cope effectively with life’s difficulties and engage in a self healing process (Landreth, 2002a; Landreth, Baggerly, & Tyndall Lind, 1999)


The objective of Child Centred Play Therapy is to provide the child with a positive growth experience in the presence of an understanding, supportive adult who responds in ways that enable and empower children to discover their internal strengths. Play therapy provides the child with an arena in which to act out a wide range of experiences and feelings (Guzzi DelPo & Frick, 1988; Landreth, 2002b). The therapeutic relationship developed during child centred play therapy provides a means through which conflicts can be resolved and feelings can be communicated (Guzzi DelPo & Frick; Landreth, Baggerly, & Tyndall Lind).



I offer Creative Therapy For

Children and Time to Talk for Young People



Creative therapy is important for development and will help your child build a wide variety of skills. The creative process provides opportunities for expressing ideas and emotions. In the sessions social skills will be promoted as well as increasing confidence, resilience and overall well being of your child.


Time to Talk is a safe space for a young person to have some time out to explore feelings, understand emotions/ relationships. It’s available for young people to be listened to and respected in a caring and trustworthy environment.



My work as a therapist is focused on providing support and healing that empowers others and enables them to cope with the day to day challenges of modern life. As a specialist in Holistic Health & Well being, I offer online therapeutic modalities to assist people in coping with all different kinds of life situations.

I provide a safe, non judgemental therapeutic approach to counselling and psychotherapy. I have a lot of experience in helping treat all different kinds of life issues, depression, bereavement, work stresses, relationship problems, breakups,  and family issues to name a few.

I offer online Psychotherapy and Counselling sessions and am accredited with Online-Therapy.com


 I have a holistic background and support couples with consultations in pre conception care and infertility, Pregnancy massage, assisting with Post-Natal depression and Menopause. I provide ongoing holistic guidance through times of change and the cycles of woman's life.

I offer the following therapies:


Pregnancy Massage using the Gentle Birth Method; which is a series of lymphatic treatments to decongest and support the body through all the changes

preparing you emotionally, mentally, and physically for a wonderful birth




Infertility Consultations, pre-conception care and treatment


Soul Healing & Ancestral Healing


Counselling: Creative Play therapy with Children and Time to Talk with Young People. 


I offer Parent education in School and Family Therapy Sessions


Reiki Healing and Reiki Attunements


I am a qualified member of UKCP; Council for Psychotherapy, www.ukcp.org.uk

and IPTI; Independent Professional Therapists, www.iptiuk.com

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