Isabelle Weber was born in Australia and grew up in the countryside of Western Sydney, which is near the Blue Mountains. Her home town Glossodia was named after an Aboriginal Flower. After graduating with an Honours Degree in Visual Arts from a cross cultural program with Sydney University and Silapokorn University in Bangkok Thailand. From there she travelled to India; the gateway of spirituality. This had a significant impact on her life, she met her Reiki Master and began a journey to become a Reiki Heal and Master/Teacher. She moved to London/England where she spent many years training in Glastonbury/Somerset following her soul's journey. "The power of the soul is incredible to experience, through this learning I connect with higher energies to create a sacred, safe healing space which allows people to experience their own Soul energy."

Isabelle has completed a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Child, Adolescent & Family Psychotherapy. Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education CCPE Beauchamp Lodge, London. University of Northampton

Her areas of speciality are:

 Working with Families with Historical Abuse

E-Safety Awareness Child Protection

Sexual Abuse

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

Mindfulness Psycho Education practices

Understanding eating disorders

Play Therapy

Child Development

Attachment behaviour

Child Abuse linked to Faith or Belief

Early Years Child behavioural issues

ADHD/ASD Awareness 

Post Graduate Diploma in Child, Adolescent & Family Wellbeing: Multidisciplinary Practice

Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust. University of East London

Systemic and Psychoanalytic approach to child development

Safeguarding and Child protection

Incredible Years Parenting Program

 Advanced Diploma in Professional Development The Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts IATE Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education

London Metropolitan University Masters

Art therapy, Sand Tray, Puppetry, Gestalt and TA and clinical practices

Honours Degree in Visual Arts Silapakorn University Bangkok & Sydney University

B.V.A Degree Sydney College of the Arts Australia

Diploma of Fine Arts National Art School Australia

Having also trained in all forms of Holistic Therapies Isabelle has a great understanding of the body and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She teaches courses on the Transpersonal Journey "To Know Thy Self" which is a course designed to help you connect with yourself and begin the journey of transformation.  Working through areas that are stuck in your life that create stress and ill health. Isabelle teaches spiritual practices to help you overcome unhealthy habits and make positive changes in your life.

Isabelle has been providing a unique holistic care program relating to fertility, pregnancy, & post natal care and has worked as an experienced Doula countless woman have benefited from Isabelle's special talent in nurturing pregnant woman, and women looking to get pregnant. She is able to offer online counselling to woman or couples who would benefit from support during this life changing time.

Isabelle's Spiritual Journey

Isabelle's spiritual training in Glastonbury culminated in 2007 when she dedicated herself to become a Priestess of Avalon following the path of the Goddess. She also dedicated herself to become a Priestess of Brighde in 2005 which has been a very powerful path for her becoming a soul calling. "This has enriched my life as I have dedicated to be of service to honour the divine feminine. I enjoy empowering and helping people through all difficult times of their lives, knowing that change and transformation can be challenging, especially releasing emotional pain. However this work can bring in much self love, liberation, happiness and joy which I have experienced myself in truly learning how to honour and love your self." . During my period of Priestess training in Glastonbury I also studied Soul Rescue and Ancestral Healing with Terry and Natalia O'Sullivan ( "I have developed my gifts to work with spirit and help clear ancestral patterns that have been passed down through the generations. I have also been gifted with the ability to clear properties of old energies and create new sacred space."

Isabelle has a great love for Mother Earth and the plant kingdom having studied with Ian White developer of 'Australian Bush Flower Essences', and Steve Johnson creator of 'Alaskan Flower Essences' she has witnessed the incredible healing effects they can have on people, animals and the environment.

Isabelle's discovery of her healing journey is very meaningful to her life path. She wishes to honour that and open the door for others. "I create a very supportive healing space that allows you to really let go and experience your true self on a much deeper level. My desire is to help people to find a place of inner peace, harmony and balance, to let go of self sabotaging patterns that no longer serve you and hold you back from doing what you wish to be doing in your life."

This photo was taken on a Glastonbury Tor Walk Pilgrimage to the the Goddess
Isabelle has gone on to launch an online Training course with Daily Om in the USA. The course is called 'Entering the World of the Goddess'

To find the course please visit the Daily Om website: click on Online course and then go to Spirituality and you will find me there.

Isabelle has written her first spiritual book as a Priestess of Brighde to document this spiritual tradition that began in Glastonbury and was initiated by Kathy Jones.

Isabella is my Priestess of Avalon & Brighde name given to by my Teacher in the Spirit World of Avalon.

Brighde's Cave: A Mythical Journey
This book is an original personal introduction to an important figure. It is packed with personal insight into understanding the Maiden, Mother and Crone aspect of the Celtic Goddess Brighde.

The book introduces readers to an appealing search for meaning in life and what happens if we follow our own destiny by way of a fantasy story.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon

Blessings on your journey


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Photographs courtesy of Steve Dixson