New Goddess Retreat Place in Cyprus

'Seraphina Place'
Seraphina Place is a self catering retreat place dedicated to raising Dolphin Consciousness and is dedicated to Aphrodite Goddess of Love, Beauty, Passion and Fertility, Mother of Waters, of our Oceans and it's creatures whales, mermaids, silkies, turtles, fish and all the beauty of the Ocean.

Our 2 bedroom apartment (sleeps 4 and 5) with sea views and views of the local mountain ranges. Luxury furnished living room with TV, Air con and a Fully Equipped Kitchen with all modern appliances. Both bedrooms have built in wardrobes. Very close to Oroklini town centre, 5 minute walk to shops and local Tavernas. The penthouse has a very large terrace for sunbathing. The beach is very close and can be reached by car. Larnaca town centre is 15 minute drive away. Fly to Larnica direct, Oroklini Village is 20 minutes drive away.
Our spacious penthouse apartment is fully air-conditioned with cool tiled floors throughout, a double bedroom with built in wardrobes, a second bedroom with two large comfy single beds, a family bathroom, spacious living room with one huge sofa, elegant glass dining and coffee table and TV. A lovely home from home in which to relax after a long day spent on the beach, sightseeing local attractions, or simply taking it easy! There is a well equipped kitchen with fridge/freezer, cooker, washing machine, microwave, toaster, kettle etc. The living room leads onto a huge outdoor terrace with sea views, perfect for sunbathing and just chilling out! From the kitchen there is a small balcony with lovely mountain views. It is a very peaceful and quiet place. The apartment is on the top floor of a small block, with marble stairs and a dedicated under-building parking. The air-conditioning will cool or heat as needed. The apartment is within walking distance to coffee shops and a supermarket.
We provide clean towels and linen for your stay. The property will be cleaned before and after visits to endure high standards are maintained. Towels and Linen will be changed between bookings. For bookings please contact myself directly.

I look forward to welcoming you for your stay in Beautiful Sunny Cyprus!
A Goddess Ceremony on the beach at Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus led by Priestess Georgina Sirett-Hardie

Labrythn Walk on Glastonbury Tor
Experience Glastonbury in 2015

Walking the ancient labrynth which winds 7 times around Glastonbury Tor is an ideal way to prepare yourself for a Spiritual Jounrey of transformation (walking in) and to begin your transition home afterwards (walking out) Ground into yourself, the Goddess and Her sacred land within the largest 3-dimensional labrythn known on Earth. It is really important if you undertake this journey that you walk BOTH IN & OUT. The labrythn works on many levels, taking you into another world, which can affect your life in many ways. Walking out completes the process. Be prepared for physical as well as spiritual challenges: steep uneven ground, wild peeing and unpredictable weather.

For bookings please contact me directly

Goddess Retreat Memoirs

'Reclaiming The Oracle' Goddess Retreat in Delphi, Greece
Goddess Retreat to Delphi, Greece

This retreat explored the ancient practices of Oracling that was initated in this very sacred place. The Oracle at Delphi, had an enormous influence Greek civilization, has been scrutinized over the centuries by scholars of religion and science. The earliest Oracles at Delphi spoke for the Earth Mother Gaia or Ge.

It was an incredibly powerful week, where participants participated in ancient inspired ceremonies invoking the Oracle of truth and wisdom to return to the earth. Time was spent calling and honouring all the Ancestral Priestess's who walked their path here in this sacred site. The group visited the sacred sites and saw the Temple of Athena Great Warrior Goddess of wisdom. There was an incredible journey to an ancient cave, where Oracling was orginally heard, the Oracle of Gaia, that was very intense and a mind blowing experience as we journeyed back in time and heard the calling of Mother Earth, who wishes us to wake up and take our responsibility to look after the earth.

Later Priestess Oracles consulted the Sun God Apollo.These female Priestess oracles, consulted the God Apollo on everything from state matters to human affairs and they had the aid of mysterious vapors emanating from a chasm beneath the temple.

These Priestess's were revered by the greatest of Greek philosophers. The retreat called to all those who desire to know more about their life and its meaning, and to explore their connection to mother earth, to open up to healing and hearing her voice at this time of great change.

It helped participants find their life purpose on earth and they took back their inate personal power into the world. expressing their spirit's love and passion for mother earth. When you call the Oracle into your life you are asking the questions of your Mind, Emotions, Heart and Soul. This is the journey of the Seeker the one that wishes to know about your life.

Participants enjoyed a full range of Holistic Massages, aromatherapy and reflexology treatments. There was also spiritual counselling, healing, psychic readings and tarot on offer.
Aphrodite Goddess Retreat 
This retreat was a huge success, here is fantastic feedback from one of the participants Emma Agyemang

This retreat has been everything I hope for and even more. I have had a brilliant, fun, exciting, healing, liberating, challenging, restful and wonderful time here. Everything was wonderfully well organised. All the therapists and faciliatators as well as all the other participants have been incredibily supportive, understanding, nurturing and caring, true Aphrodite qualities have not just been expressed but been demonstrated. I feel I have learnt so much from my time here, come away with great memories, new friends, a deeper understanding of the Goddess and a real celebration of female beauty, honesty and empowerment. A lovely sense of family and sisterhood was created which allowed me to feel safe enough to express myself and feel accepted. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Isabelle ran an Aphrodite Goddess Retreat in Cyprus 2007. This was a week to inspire woman to connect to the Goddess Aphrodite. Here is a write up from one of the participants Anne Pike.

'Here we have a picture of Aphrodite's Rock. We had a trip to the beach on the first day. I did, however, take part in the ceremonies and the treatments. The retreat was held in a villa north of Paphos. I have to say right at the start that I had a wonderful week. They provided us with excellent healthy meals, treatments, love circles and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. I was afraid before I went that they might be casting spells and burning witches but there was none of that. The sea was warm, the sun was hot, the food was good and there was wine to drink in the evenings.'

Goddess Retreat to Aphrodite's Island of Cyprus
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Photographs courtesy of Steve Dixson