Specialist in Gentle Birth Method Pregnancy Program & Antenatal Care from Fertility through to Post Natal treatments
The Gentle Birth Method has been developed by Dr Gowri Motha www.gentlebirthmethod.co.uk 
I am a qualified Gentle Birth Method therapist. I am a Creative Healer, Reflexologist, Reiki Healer & qualified Doula. I offer birth preparation program's to Mum's and Dad's to be, as well as after care, Post Natal treatments.

I offer an aryuvedic approach to Pregnancy, which includes a diet consultation which can help determine how your pregnancy is going to go as well as give an indication of the how the labour may progress.

Pregnancy Massage incorporates Creative Healing as an excellent way of clearing the body of congestion and providing excellent physiological function.

This is necessary for a gentle birth as the joints and muscles of the lower back, sacrum and coccyx need to be functionally mobile and clear of congestion. When muscles and ligaments return to their normal state, they automatically become supple and elastic.

The Creative Healing treatments in the Gentle Birth method program concentrate on bringing about this transformation to the birthing areas of the body, focusing on the spine, abdomen, pelvic area, sciatic area and sacrum. There are also specific treatments to assist the abdominal organs, thyroid, kidneys and heart at key times during your pregnancy.

These treatments may assist in:

- Increasing energy levels

- Reducing nausea & vomiting

- Reducing anxiety and stress

- Stimulating digestion and pancreatic function

- Reducing back and neck pain

- Reducing nausea and vomiting

- Relieving constipation and helping to regulate bowel function

-Reducing breathlessness

-Stimulating the lymphatic drainage in all key areas of the body

-Cleansing and draining the pelvic area

-Reducing sciatica

The treatment feels nurturing and calming as it is performed with a light gentle touch on specific areas of the body.

The full consultation including the first treatment takes 90 minutes and costs £80. $120

A follow up of a 1 hour treatment costs £70, $100 or 1 hr & 1/2 treatment £80, $120.

Post-Natal Massage

Post-Natal Massage is tailored to suit the individual's needs, depending on the nature of the birth. It consists of lymphatic drainage to treat oedema, swelling in the hands and ankles and legs. Specific essential oils are used to detox the body to help with fluid drainage and weight loss. A Nutrition consultation is included to advise the Mother on the best way to maintain her energy levels and release any stress or tension.


On your first visit, there will be a full consultation which takes 30 mins. This will then be followed by a 1 hour treatment. The treatment really helps to regain health and well being and a course of treatments every 2 weeks will be recommended depending on your body's needs.

The full consultation and treatment costs £80, $120. This can be followed by a course of fortnightly 1 hour treatments at £70, $100.
Creative Healing Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Creative Healing is a very subtle form of massage. The purpose of its application is to de-congest the body and cleanse the organs from any possible toxic waste and to re-establish the uninterrupted flow of energy.

It can be used to treat infertility by offering lymphatic drainage to the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and pelvic ligaments, thereby restoring ovarian health. Pregnancy can result from regular treatments.

Menstrual irregularities may respond very well to treatment, as would pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, fibroid and dysmenorrhoea.

Varicose veins may regress and become more comfortable as does hemorrhoids, lower back pain, pubic symphysis, sciatica, constipation and heartburn.

Creative Healing can be used throughout the Pregnancy and has helped treat the following:-

-Unexplained infertility


-Menstrual problems

-Irritable Bowel Syndrome

-Frozen Shoulder



On your first visit, there will be a full consultation, which will take 30 minutes. This will be followed by a 1 hour treatment. Following the consultation a course of treatments will be recommended depending on your body's needs.

For the first consultation and treatment total cost of £80, $120 for 90 minute session.

This will be followed up with a course of 1 hour treatments at £70, $100 a session.

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Photographs courtesy of Steve Dixson