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Esoteric Soul Healing

Esoteric Soul Healing is based on Alice Bailey's teachings and is a method of healing that evokes soul energy. It creates an energy field that allows the healer to get in touch with their own soul energy, through this connection the healing takes place. This connection at soul level creates a harmonious healing environment which allows the soul energy to come through and this takes the client to the deepest level they could possibly experience. It is in this deep state of relaxation that the healer is able to assist the client to release unhelpful energies, bringing the mind, body, emotions and soul back into balance. The client is able to experience their own soul energy perhaps for the first time, this may lead to profound levels of healing. Soul Healing works at a very deep level helping one to make beneficial changes, experiencing harmony, peace and balance in their own unique way.

Consultations for Healing with Isabelle are available at a cost of £80, $120 for an hour and a half. Follow up sessions can be £65, $95 an hour at the clinic.
Ancient Egyptian Script
Ancestral Spirit Clearing

Ancestral spiritual healing is a very unique and developed form of healing which offers transformation for the person through clearing ingrained ancestral patterns inherited from families and passed down through generations. These ingrained patterns can create trauma, drama and limitations in a persons life which holds them back from doing what they really want to be doing and living the life they want to be living.

From the safety of a healing space the person receiving the healing is able to let go of these self sabotaging repetitive patterns and find a place of balance and inner peace. With patterns released old energy is cleared allowing for new positive energies to come in. This powerful work may also have the effect of clearing congestion and blockages from the physical body, allowing more energies to flow bringing in renewed health and vigour.


The healing takes place by using a crystal pendulum to open the chakras and spirit guides and ancestors are called in to assist the healer in removing blockages from the person's energy field. On your visit, there will be a full consultation, which takes 30 minutes. Usually, the healing will last about an hour and regular sessions are recommended.

Cost of session including consultation time is £65, $95 for an hour. £80, $120 for an hour and a half. £120, $150 for a 2 hour session.

Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic Technique; is a light touch on your feet, hands and head which loosens the root of blocks such as illness, limiting beliefs & behaviour's, anxiety, self sabotage, addiction, fears, insecurities, feeling stuck, or not manifesting your potential. Patterns transform permanently which began in the womb.

There is no need to discuss issues or problems. Powerful changes follow such as finding work, healing illness and relationship issues, personal development and more.

What is the Metamorphic Technique?

The Metamorphic Technique enables us to move from feelings of limitation toward accessing more of our potential. In short, it helps us to help ourselves.

What happens in a session?

The practitioner uses a light touch on the feet, hands and head. A safe, relaxing space is provided where you can ‘just be’. There is no need to take a case history. Some people wish to talk, while others taking time out. A session usually lasts 60 minutes.

How does it work?

Each of us has natural abilities that we can connect with, given the right environment. The practitioner provides that space. The technique offers a unique approach to handling personal issues. Whether they are physical, mental or emotional. These matters will influence how we are able to respond to events in everyday life.

The Metamorphic Technique stands alone, for it is neither a therapy nor a treatment, nor is it a massage or healing. There is no diagnosis or physical manipulation.

What can it do for me?

People are often drawn to the technique in times of difficulty, career changes, moving house, divorce, bereavement or illness. Many find they cope better in these periods of transition. Some may wish to make deep inner changes without having to analyse the past, others find that during times of stress they are able to deal with situations more effectively.

Is it safe for everyone?

Yes. It is self-empowering. It enables you to steer your own path. The technique can be received on its own or alongside conventional or complementary approaches. It can be safely used by everyone, including ill or dying people.

Pregnant women can receive sessions with absolute safety as often as desired. As diverse characteristics start to evolve in the time before birth, the technique can help create a safer environment in the womb for the baby to develop. Both mother and unborn child benefit from the sense of well being that arises from this work.

Children can have their feet done, often, for short periods of time. Parents with young children visiting a practitioner are encouraged to share the sessions as well so that they can receive some instruction and continue to use the technique at home. Many children who suffer with various chronic disabilities or learning difficulties really enjoy receiving sessions.

The Metamorphic Technique is easy to learn and is accessible to everyone.

How many sessions will I need?

Sessions are easy to integrate into everyday life. You are free to receive sessions according to your own personal preferences and needs. You may like to have a sessions on a weekly basis, or you may prefer to come when you are feeling tired and uninspired. The contact provided is gentle and undemanding, offering a pleasant and relaxing experience.

To book a session please go to bookings page

Sessions cost £65, $95 for 1 Hour

Additional charges apply for Home visit

Isabelle is a member of the Metamorphic Association.

What People Say About The Metamorphic Technique

"Thousands who have experienced the technique affirm that life is never quite the same once you step onto the metamorphic path." Jane Alexander, The Daily Mail

"I found the technique amazingly inspiring and can now help others if they feel it is the right thing for them. I thoroughly recommend anyone who is feeling fed up with life to go for a session." Annie MacClelland, The Health Store Magazine Sept-Oct 2007

"It was this little known technique that dramatically changed my life for the better and set me on the road to improved wellbeing." Susan Clark, The Sunday Times

"I had arrived feeling exhausted.... and at the end of the session I felt rejuvenated. I skipped down the stairs and onto the street, full of energy, hurried home feeling refreshed and positive and, at the end of the evening, fell into a deep healthy sleep." Mo Pearce, Here's Health Magazine

" I still don't know exactly how the Metamorphic Technique works, apart from the fact that it transformed me! It has changed me from someone who was fearful of life to someone who embraces it." Actor Des Hamilton interviewed for The Evening Standard
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