Goddess Workshops Malmo, Sweden

"The womb is a holy place. The womb is also a place where many, maybe most,
women are hurt without knowing it. The womb is a place where memories are
stored, also memories from every time we have been hurt in our deepest
femininity, in our feminine essence.

I knew this when I came to the Goddess workshop Isabella Weber in Malmö
in March. I knew it but had obviously not really understood it. Until she
led us in to the deepest feminine and made us feel and heal. There, I
realized how hurt I was, how frozen I was, and how much it affected my life.
Even though I had done a lot of personal development job all my life, also
with focus on feminine subjects.

I have met a lot of skilled teachers and facilitators in my life. Meeting
Isabelle was not only meeting a teacher but also meeting a Sister Goddess
who made me remember, recognize and deeply feel, the goddess in myself.
Through wonderful guided meditations and inner journeys, music, movement,
sound, the elements, symbols and cards she helped us re-connect to Mother
Earth, to our Goddess linage and our selves, to heal our inner wounds and
to see our own journey clearer.

If you have felt stuck in your life the energies starts to move, and if they
already were moving, they flow more easily. In all parts of your life.

I think the work Isabelle Weber is doing is something every woman and men
need, it is easy and simple, yet so powerful and full of beauty, joy and
sacredness. "

Irene Ahlberg

Ancestral Healing Sessions Malmo, Sweden

"Isabelle I just want to thank you so much for a beautiful session. Your voice is clear and secure. Your calmness is there throughout the session. I can feel you know on a deep level what you are 'teaching', transferring."


"I booked a private session with Isabelle, we had a talk and then Isabelle said now you can lie down here. It was a fantastic session, very soft and gentle. I could feel how the energy shifted and moved me on a very deep level, but at the same time gentle. The following day I was comfortably relaxed, I could rest myself and felt that some energy had been cleared. I felt that I was in my own energy and whole. WOW Thank you dear Goddess friend. "

Love always Anna

Ancestors Empowerment Workshop Istanbul

"It was a very wonderful and powerful workshop. I just chose the card which was a power animal that I had already known. It was a black jaguar and he showed up and we went to a mountain peak together and he let me shout to the spirit world saying 'I want to have a better connection with my higher self and guides.' Then we went back to the ground level and started to run together. Then we came to a cliff, and I thought he was going to fall down into the river like a cat, but he didn't. He turned into a ball and jumped into the river like an arrow and started to swim like a fish. I guess he was showing me how to break all the patterns in my life. I joined him and we swam into the deep waters and he showed me a Greek stone. It was Hermes. He advised me to write and study. His name was Shauda. He reminded me that I am a person who needs his own territory and to make his own path alone. Thank you very much for your help, and for being a good meditator. It is highly appreciated!"


"It was a very interesting experience for me. I made a connection with my power animal and I received healing. I am healed. Thank you very much."


Goddess Workshop Women's Medicine, Living Heart Copenhagen

"This workshop and work with the Goddess's was so beautiful and deep. In the temple I was embraced by the most beautiful strong light. This refilled and healed me. Thank you so much, And thanks to the goddess's and my higher self."

Light and Love Signe

Awakening Your Inner Goddess Istanbul

"Today I joined Isabelle's workshop of Awakening Your Inner Goddess. Before joining the workshop, I was concerned how the seven hours would pass. I thought I would be bored. But I wasn't at all. Time flew. First we did some relaxation work and meditation, later we confronted our subconscious fears of womanhood. Isabella is a very warm person. She works full heartedly. You really need to meet her to experience different perspectives." Ozlem.

"I met Isabelle in her Awakening Your Inner Goddess workshop. I am grateful to her and Mother Earth that today we remembered feminine aspects long forgotten, but always within and around us. I felt like an eight year old once again, the same serious playfulness. Thank you very much dear Isabelle."

Women's Power Play Goddess Workshop London

"Just wanted to say thank you for a great workshop- the Goddess Sekhmet and Bast came in very strongly. I really enjoyed the whole experience, really fantastic and wonderful experience. Thank you Isabelle." Rose x

"I have known Isabelle for several years and have participated in many workshops, all of which have been so rewarding, exciting and life changing.

Her latest workshop introduced the Goddess Sekhmet and Bast and I experienced another personal seminal breakthrough moment. I had not had time to do any preliminary 'work' before the day, so was not expecting anything other than a lovely day of meditation and good vibes. However as soon as Isabelle introduced Sekhmet I felt her power and presence, and the same with the Goddess Bast. Both energies were so different, yet supported one another.

It was so powerful to embody both energies which we did through dance and through the meditations and invocations. Through Sekhmet I have come away recognising and owning my beautiful female power, and the power of Kundalini, and how important it is to use these energies productively and to integrate them into my daily life.

The playful, creative, sexual and feminine aspects of myself were high lighted with the Cat Goddess Bast, as well as the healing aspects. My third eye, heart and sacrum chakras, were active throughout the day, leaving me feeling on a complete high. It was such a wonderful, rewarding, spiritual day for me, and Sekhmet and Bast are with me now to call on whenever appropriate. thank you Isabelle."

Lindka Cierach

"Thank you Thank you Gorgeous Isabelle. What a wonderful experience"

Susie xox

"It was so lovely to meet all the woman who came. I felt so welcomed Thank you Isabelle. " Mitska xx

"Great day Isabelle. I feel really connected to Sekhmet now and her powerful energy. Good to see the effect on everyone." Soulla x

Brighde's Goddess Retreat Glastonbury

"Thank you both so much for a truly grounding, liberating and safe space. I feel a new strength and confidence to really be myself with the inspiration and strength of Brighid and her wolf." Althea x o x o

"Thank you for this Brighde Retreat, it has truly been a healing and enlightening journey. Brighde's blessings" Iona x

"Thank you Beautiful Brighid Priestesses for an amazing experience of love and healing. Brighdes Blessings to you always." Rose x x

"Thank you both for a lovely safe and Sacred journey through this Bridie Retreat. I came needing grounding and inspiration and I leave with much more!! I had a magical time- Bless you both- with love, light, angel and Goddess Blessings" Shirley Ann x x

"Thank you both for a really lovely four days. I did not want it to end, I felt really safe and loved. I would have loved us to have been together 24/7, but I know that it is hard to organise. Blessings and much love" Marianne, aka Sister Brighid-Brue-Gaia )O(

Goddess Workshop Moscow, Russia

"Thanks for a beautiful and reaffirming introduction to the Goddess world and wonderful female spirits. You're an inspiration and gentle intermediator."
Holly xox

"The golden pen is as well for you. Thank you so much for a special experience, inspiring, comforting and for your healing."

"I really enjoyed the practises. it started from a difficult moment in my life but I was so grateful and happy that I came. I felt rejuvenated, healed and full of energy. Also, the revelations during the meditations were amazing."

"What an amazing experience. Thank you so very much. I had hoped to reconnect with myself this weekend, but so much more happened. I feel that I am back on track to becoming whole again."
Julie xoxo

Isis Goddess Workshop London

"Glorious Goddess Workshop as always Is! Isis came through so powerfully and its wonderful to have taken part and feel her energy around us all." Lindka

"A really well thought out and well run workshop. Isabelle gives her best of everything she does. A healing and inspirational atmosphere was created in a very short space of time. Thank you to everyone involved and Thank you Isabelle!" Emma xx

"Wonderful workshop as always! A lovely atmosphere and healing experience, by Isabelle, always a pleasure to be at her 'days'! Thank you." Caroline xx

"Wow... what a beautiful workshop, beautiful energy and lovely people. Loved the place. Learned a lot, by opening my heart and my third eye. Thank you so much" xxx Michaella.

Goddess Workshop Istanbul

"Thank you very much for two full days of meditation, self questioning, healing, self recognising and unveiling. I can easily say that I recognise myself better and I became a much stronger person who is ready to seize the life with more joy, easiness, peace, clarity and spirituly. At the end of this workshop I feel very positive, lively, energetic, flexible, focused and grounded."

"Thank you for sharing your love of the sacred feminine power and Goddess experience. I hope everyone of us in this group will carry this feeling of the Goddess and awareness of the female energy to our daily lives."

"This workshop was my first experience and I can say that I feel wonderful. Thank you Isabelle for your knowledge and for your HEART."

"I have come at a shaky period of my life to this workshop and I am definiately leaving feeling more empowered. This was very subtle but deep work, extremely informative on many levels... full of messages
Thank you Isabelle"

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop, I am glad that I have done the whole process and I had the chance to get to know the Goddess that I'm sure will support my feminine energy and be with me all the time.
Thanks Isabelle"

"Meditations and other applications are wonderful. There was a good atmosphere. I met very beautiful spirits in here. It was a weekend full of female energy. I think I will experience more as time goes on as I am now at peace with my female side."

Ancestral Spirit Clearing Healing Sessions

"With Isabelle I had an ancestral spirit clearing session. it was the most liberating and relaxing thing I've ever done. I feel lighter, happier and filled with positive light. Thank you!"
Dana Flynn

I"sabelle you are just great, I felt you touched the right points and I tell you I feel much more secure and free at the same time. Like I told you I felt that you would be helpful to me 20 days ago. I really feel like a feather thanks."
Love Zuylep

"This session was a unique experience for me to understand several things underneath my body and soul, and of course the universe. I am grateful to you, to life which led me to this session. Thanks a lot for this journey to my incarnation."

"I am continuously learning and experiencing new opportunities for a fuller life. Joining Isabelle's session was just another new step for me. During the meditation part I have strongly experienced that I am receiving wonderful support from existence."

First Session
"I was not aware after we started with meditation. I woke up just before the end only feeling I had a light headache."

Second Session
"I was aware but I was not sure what was happening. Now I feel myself more relaxed and something is changing deeply. Thank you"

Holistic Lifestyle Retreat

"Another wonderful 'retreat' in Cyprus. The energy has been fantastic. The therapists great and food wonderful. The energy you give is gratefully received."
Namaste Sarah

"This is the best retreat I've ever been on! Its everything I hoped it would be and more. Thank you so, so much for making it happen." Love Tony.

"Thank you for making magic" Lisa xx

"Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderfully PERFECT retreat all my love" Caroline

"Thank you so much for organising all of the wonderful activities and people and bringing them all together in a very special way." Lots of love Adrian

Mother Earth Healing Workshop London

"Thanks so much for the workshop I attended the other day. I felt wonderful and at peace and that has stayed with me. I got a lot out of the ceremonies and meditations as well as the walking and being with other people on their spiritual journey. It was wonderful, also, to experience the sacred places in London.

Isabelle, you are a wonderful healer. You shine with loving care and I felt you "holding" the group in that energy. You also have a fantastic down to earth, light - 'don't take it all so seriously' attitude which really helps me release my resistance."

Elspeth Chasser

Mother's Little Helpers

"I am so blessed to have some amazing people supporting me during my pregnancy, as I really do believe that a mother's mind-set affects baby.

Isabelle is the most genius guru for any mummy-to-be. She practices and preaches Dr Gowri Motha's treatments, nutiritional advice and birthing plan. She started doing my pregnancy massage at around 3 months (the earliest they advise) and is now giving me an all-round programme for a fabulous pregnancy. Poor Isabelle didn't start with the best student- remember that seasick slug from weeks gone by? Well, those fanciful eating habits have wreaked havoc on my digestion and given me a bit more that just bloat!

So, here's the lowdown on the regime. Through reflexology, and liver, pancreatic and abdominal massage she expelled toxins, toned and strengthened muscles and, overall flushed my system of the garbage I had polluted it with. With this clean canvas, she then cracked down on my nutrition, devising and (bless her cotton socks) cooking my weekly meals, including every nutrient that the little one needed to be vibrant and healthy. And behold, I benefited too! My energy levels picked up, the bloat abated and my digestion... well, it digested.

Isabelle became a stream of love and energy for me and my baby. Her healing Reiki energy and nurturing ways cocooned us in health and happiness, and gave me a great lesson in what a mother should be. With her guidence, I took charge of myself and incorporated her wisdom and knowledge into my everyday life."

Normandie Keith 'You Magazine' The Mail on Sunday Newspaper

C-Section Convert

"I need to start at the very beginning with my birth story. I am 38 and had previously had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. Very concerned this might happen again I heard about the Viveka Clinic in St John's Wood and went for an early scan. Dr Gowri Motha, the writer of The Gentle Birth Method book, is linked to the clinic and I got really into her book and was a 100% set on a natural birth. Following her guidence I changed my diet, avoiding wheat, and ate very healthily; took the vitamins and herbal teas she suggested and had a fortnightly wonderful session of creative healing with Isabelle Weber she is brilliant!. Following this regime meant I had an amazingly healthy and enjoyable pregnancy."

Karen Watson Chiswick and Hammersmith NCT Newsletter, August/September

"I was given 6 sessions of massage as a birthday present and this included a combination of Indonesian, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

I have always been a bit of a sceptic as to the benefits of massages and alternative therapies but have now been totally converted.

The massage was conducted in a very professional way and left me feeling very calm and relaxed and with a great sense of well being and my body felt very good. All my aches and pains disappeared instantly.

I was given a diet to improve my digestive health which is the most sensible diet I have set eyes on. It is also designed to stop sagging energy levels during the day.

She was also able to advise me on ways I could improve my busy lifestyle to allow for enjoyment of the here and now. She is very knowledgeable about any topic you wish to bring up and can advise. She has just the right temperament and personality for her job and has a very nice manner.

Sessions with Isabelle would be a great present for a friend or loved one and I would recommend everyone here to have a look at her web site and treat themselves to one of several of life's MUST experiences."

Jane E McCartney


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